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Employee Management
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Using Social Media Ads To Grow Your Business
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Realtors Growth Program
70000 1 15 Feb 20
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Strategic Marketing
10,200 1 9 Mar 20
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What Our Students Have to Say

My experience with Business Lab Africa has been absolutely amazing! I haven’t missed a class since BLA launched and each of the courses have been a hit back to back. I’ve been able to learn Content Marketing, Customer attraction and retention, How to use Social Media to grow my business. Thank you so much to the team behind Business Lab Africa.
@ Vivant Pearls:
Business Lab Africa has been nothing but amazing to my business. I’m so organized now, unlike before. It’s like I can now pick content from my finger tips. I can confidently say Business Lab Africa is worth it.
@ House of Wura
The courses on Business Lab Africa are loaded and implementation has got to start rolling in. Can I regain access to some old courses? Even if it’s for a fee, I enjoyed all the courses I’ve taken so far
@ Basty Foods
It’s been an amazing experience at the Business Lab Africa school. The classes are very practical and it’s just shocking how you see immediate improvements when you apply the lessons.
@ Bella Bookss
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