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Corporate Governance: Setting Up a Board.

Instructor:Tara FelaDurotoye Course Description: Tara takes us on a journey on how she set up a Board of Directors for House of Tara. You will learn what a Board is, why you should have one, who should be on your Board, and how to get them to join your board for your business.

Strategies for Managing Multiple Business Locations

Instructor: Joycee Awoshika Course Description: In this course, Joycee explains how to create Standard Operating Procedures that will l help you implement structure, standards, and sustainability in your organization.

Employee Management: Performance Management for Employee

Instructors: Dupe Akinsiun Course Description: If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. What is Employee Performance and why must it be managed? In this course, you will learn its purpose, how to set performance objectives for your employees, and how to do it rightly.

Strategic Marketing

Instructors Kesiena Ogbemi and TriciaBiz Course Description Marketing plans are only as effective as the output they produce- and this is achieved when it reaches the target audience and provokes the desired reaction. Reaching your target audience can be made easier than you think when you use an effective tool called Strategic Marketing. You will …

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Unconventional Marketing – Using Google & LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Instructors Peace Itimi and Kayode Abass Course Description A lot of entrepreneurs assume that the only social media platforms that are business-friendly are Instagram and Facebook but that is not true. In this course, you will be learning how to leverage LinkedIn and Google for the growth of your business. You will be learning: SM101: …

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Employee Management

Instructors Eunice Gyimah, Dupe Akinsiun, Harry Akinola, Ivie Temisayo-Ibitoye Course Description Human Resource is the most important resource in a production process, and like every other business resource, effective management of your employees would ensure optimum output. Make them too happy or too sad, and production dips.  Learn some of the best ways to manage …

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