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Kesiena Ogbemi and TriciaBiz

Course Description

Marketing plans are only as effective as the output they produce- and this is achieved when it reaches the target audience and provokes the desired reaction. Reaching your target audience can be made easier than you think when you use an effective tool called Strategic Marketing. You will avoid pumping too many funds into marketing that will never yield as many results as you want by learning specific ways to market directly to your customers.  

What you will be learning:

  • SM 01 – Developing Marketing Strategy
  • SM 02 – Channel Marketing and Measuring Marketing Metrics
  • SM 03 – Promotion Strategies


3 thoughts on “Strategic Marketing”

  1. Mimi Blessing

    Thank you so much Mr Ogbemi.
    I enjoyed the class, all four parts.
    I represent my company at ZibahByAnnEkwueme, as the sales executive, and this would go a long way for the company, as I plan to implement what I have learnt.
    I will go through what I wrote, and drop my questions.
    Thank you.

  2. Yetunde Oyebanjo

    Thank you so much for this class. great value. would be watching a second time and send in my questions. Thanks

  3. chibueze obinwanne

    Thank you for this course.

    Question; my question would be on the promotion strategy session facilitated by Tricia. For a Business going in the direction of a B2B strategy, which of this promotion strategy would help increase sales in Businesses we supply to?

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